Propagación de señales en registros del nivel del mar, en la costa occidental de México



Six months series of meteoroligal and sea level data, corresponding to summer and winter periods, were analyzed by complex empirical orthogonal functions on time domain, in 0.25 to 0.01 cpd frequency band. five cases were analyzed: summer of 1962, winter of 1965, summers average, winters average and all semesters average (incluiding summer and winter). results show sea level events propagating northward during the summer, this venets are not present during winter. this is concordant with other authors studies for the same zone, using other methods. wavelength is of about 9000 km and there is two kinds: one that propagates from Salina Cruz to Mazatlan, not enetring the Gulf of California, and other (longer that the first), that travels from Acapulco to Guaymas, entering the Gulf of California.

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