UHF wind profiler observations of monsoon low-level jet (MLLJ) and its association with rainfall over a tropical Indian station

R. D. Ruchith, S.M. Deshpande, Ernest Raj Pulidindi



 High resolution data of horizontal winds profiles (zonal and meridional) in the lower troposphere, derived from a UHF wind profiler at a tropical Indian station, Pune (18o 32’ N, 73o 51’ E, 559 masl) during a 3-yr period (June 2003-May 2006) has been utilized to study seasonal and intra-seasonal variability of winds. Winds display a systematic seasonal evolution with behavior opposite in phase in the two altitude regimes below and above a height of 4-5 km. In the lower region, during the southwest monsoon months (June to September) winds are predominantly westerly with a peak in the 1.5-3.0 km range indicating the occurrence of the monsoon low-level jet (MLLJ). Soon after September, winds in this height region change from westerly to easterly and these easterlies continue in winter months (December to February). Above a height of 4 km, westerlies are observed during post-monsoon (October to November) and winter periods. The MLLJ is observed to be strong during normal/good monsoon years. On a day-to-day scale during southwest monsoon months, winds exhibit considerable intra-seasonal variability and periods of strong MLLJ seem to be associated with occurrence of spells of rainfall over the region.


Tropospheric winds; wind profiler; southwest monsoon; monsoon low-level jet

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