Steel fibers from waste tires as reinforcements in concrete: Analysis of bond mechanism

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Yan Li
Xiao-Peng Wang
Wen-Yang Dong
Lan-Qing Shi


Through the prior art, steel fibers can be extracted from waste tires after recycling, hereinafter referred to as recycled steel fibers. This paper mainly studies the bond performance between a single recycled steel fiber and concrete, to attain the overall bond strength of recycled steel fibers reinforced concrete. By measuring the load displacement curve of the recycled steel fibers under pullout, we ascertain the maximum bonding stresses of the recycled steel fibers with different depths, angles and shapes while undergoing interfacial pull-out. At the same time, through observations and calculations, the failure phenomena of three stages and the changing trend of bond stresses of recycled steel fibers along the anchorage section are obtained. It is evidenced that the recycled steel fibers reinforced concrete has good interfacial bonding performance. Numerical simulation results of fiber pull-out process via the finite elements provide conditions for the analysis of bond strength of recycled steel fibers reinforced concrete cubes under different circumstances.


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