Coastline stability analysis of Zhoushan-Liuheng lng terminal project based on remote sensing

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Ming Gong
He Zhang
Yanning Li


Seabed evolution research around Zhoushan Liuheng LNG receiving station project, which mainly includes collecting, analyzing and sorting data of environmental investigation, was conducted by the second Institute of Oceanography, MMR. Based on the data of remote sensing and field survey for different years, the comprehensive research methods of dynamic geomorphology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and mathematical simulation are used to carry out the geomorphological investigation of the sea area near the Zhoushan Liuheng LNG terminal project. This paper makes a detailed analysis of the beach dynamics, seabed scouring and silting change characteristics of the project sea area, and makes a prediction of the beach channel scouring and silting adjustment trend caused by sea related projects, which provides a scientific basis for optimizing the plane layout of Zhoushan Liuheng LNG receiving station project and insight for other researchers who focus on coastline change and remote sensing.


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