Implementation of the Unified Post Processor (UPP) and the Model Evaluation Tools (MET) for WRF-chem evaluation performance

José Agustín García Reynoso, Marco A. Mora-Ramírez


This study focuses on a detailed description of several modifications made in both the Unified Post-Processor (UPP) and the Model Evaluation Tools (MET) release packages, which are necessary in order to incorporate relevant chemical species and meteorological parameters into the verification process. The changes made in UPP and MET are illustrated with a high ozone concentration episode, comparing the Weather Research and Forecasting-chemistry (WRF-chem) simulations against observational data from the Red Automática de Monitoreo Atmosférico (Automatic Atmospheric Monitoring Network) during a weekend in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area. National Emission Inventory (2006) formatted data was supplied to the WRF-chem model. Examples of statistical results and plots contemplating the new chemical species added to the verification process are given, with the aim to illustrate the kind of verification measurements and plots that MET could provide now. Finally, The modifications made over different files in UPP and MET packages could be of particular interest for users and developers of the WRF-chem model concerned about the forecast of the analysis episodes related with poor urban air quality.


WRF-chem; evaluation; UPP; MET

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