Atmosfera abides by good publishing practices, including originality of manuscripts, disapproval of plagiarism, and transparency in authorship.




It refers to the fact that the manuscript has not been published (with the exception of theses or conference abstracts) or submitted simultaneously to another journal.




It is unacceptable to try to publish information that does not belong to the authors and even less if the respective credit is not given. It is considered a bad practice for authors to reuse already published information without citing it or presenting it as new. In either case, manuscripts that incur in any of these faults will be withdrawn from the evaluation process.




Once a manuscript has been submitted, the authors’ metadata will not be modified, unless it is explicitly requested by all the authors through a letter explaining the reasons for removing, adding or changing the order that they first specified when submitting it.


For more information on publication ethics and good practices, you can visit the website of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE):