Chief Editor

Carlos Gay


In this issue we continue to publish review articles focused mainly in mid-latitudes and the Latin American area, as a way of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Atmósfera. In this occasion, Chilean researchers P. Monsalves Gavilán, J. Pincheira Ulbrich and F. Rojo Mendoza address a subject of great importance: studies on climate change and its effects on urban environments. In their article “Climate change and its effects on urban spaces in Chile: A summary of research carried out in the period 2000-2012”, they systematize the effects associated with climate change on urban spaces in Chile reported between 2000 and 2012, based on a review of three databases: Scopus, Web of Knowledge and Scielo, and find out that only 14 research papers relate to climate change in urban spaces, most of which are case studies focused on the capital, Santiago. This fact, on the other hand, reflects something that can be said about the Latin American region: there is a need for more research on the impact of climate change on urban areas.

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