Rossby-Haurwitz wave perturbations under tropical forcing



This study explores the zonal flow in the form of Legendre polynomials. The basic flow is divided into a zonally symmetric flow and a Rossby-Haurwitz (RH) wave. Several features of this (more realistic) zonal flow make it particularly interesting, such as the midlatitude westerly jet streams and an easterly wind around the equator, which closely resembles the mean horizontal flow at 200 mb of the December-February period. The zonal flow is combined with the RH wave, in order to test the blocking formation mechanism on early stages for the northeastern Pacific. A numerical simulation has been performed using a linear barotropic model with tropical forcing and damping to check the extra-tropical response of the mechanism of eddies reinforcement of the ridge along the western coast of North America.


Rossby-Haurwitz wave,; Legendre polynomials,; normal mode stability; northeastern Pacific blocking formation mechanism; tropical forcing; Pacific-North American pattern.

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