Wind profile analysis for selected tropical cyclones over the South China Sea based on dropsonde measurements

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Pak Wai Chan
K.K. Hon
Junyi He
Q.S. Li


Vertical wind profiles of selected tropical cyclones over the South China Sea are studied for the first time using dropsonde measurements by a fixed-wing aircraft of the Hong Kong Government.  They are studied in a number of aspects which have not been conducted before for storms over the South China Sea.  First the strengthening and weakening of the tropical cyclones are analyzed based on the radial wind profiles, namely, inflow and outflow, particularly over the atmospheric boundary layer.  Second, the vertical wind profiles are fitted using the commonly considered wind profile models reported in the literature.  This would have significant contributions to wind engineering applications in the region.  Finally, the performance of a mesoscale meteorological data in the analysis and nowcast of the vertical profiles of tropical cyclones are studied (the model has not assimilated the dropsonde data in the analysis).  The results are unique for tropical cyclones over South China Sea and would serve as useful reference for the studies of tropical cyclones in this ocean basin.


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