Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions of a steel factory in Brazil

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Danielle Alves de Novaes Gomes
Janaina da Costa Pereira Torres de Oliveira
Thiago Simonato Mozer


This work aimed to identify and quantify greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions of a steel factory, considering the importance of these data in the context of large global GHG emissions. As a result, Scope 1 emissions were identified as the highest in the industry, representing more than 89% of total emissions in CO2eq. This scenario is mainly identified a result of the Brazilian energy matrix configuration, which contributes to reduce Scope 2 emissions. The used methodology (GHG Protocol v. 2018.1.4) proved to be appropriate for calculating emissions within a broader report (annual amount). However, in order to develop an indicator for the organization, with monthly detailed data, it was necessary to adapt the tool, which is the differential of this work.


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