Onset characteristics of land/sea breeze circulation and its effect on meteorological parameters at a coastal site



This study discusses the climatological characteristics of sea/land breeze systems and their influence on meteorological parameters at Kalpakkam, Madras Atomic Power Project site on the east coast of India. Continuous data recorded at the meteorological laboratory at the site is used in the study. Wind speed and direction range, air temperature, relative and specific humidity are considered for the study. The change in the characteristics of the parameters was mainly governed by the onset time of sea/land flow. The change is more significant during the onset of sea breeze. Analysis of the data revealed that the change was due to advection and the regular diurnal variation of the parameters. Based on the variation in upper winds both the seasonal change in onset time for sea/land flows and its influence on meteorological parameters are discussed and explained qualitatively. The relative role of advection and diurnal variation of the parameters on the observed changes are also discussed.


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