Some aspects of the convective boundary layer over the Bay of Bengal



A study has been carried out to investigate the thermodynamic characteristics of the Convective Boundary Layer (CBL) over the Bay of Bengal region. For this purpose aerological observations collected from MONSOON-77 utilizing the erstwhile USSR research vessels (i. e. Shirshov, Priboy, Shokalsky and Okean) in the region 15-19 N, 87-91 E during 11-18 August 1977 and BOBMEX-98 onboard Sagar Kanya at 13ºN 87ºE have been considered. The results of the analysis showed that no marked differences are found in the Convective Boundary Layer characteristics over the four ships during the period under consideration. 6-hourly vertical profiles of the thermodynamical paramenters showed the evolution of the CBL structure during daytime at all the locations The top of the CBL is found between 700-580 hPa and it varied with time. The daily 6-hourly values of surface meteorological parameters viz, p, 1 and Td showed diurnal variation. Also, it is evident that the surface meteorological parameters as well as structure of the CBL over the region mentioned above is influenced by the prevailing weather conditions and associated synoptic/transient scale disturbances.


Convective Boundary Layer; Marine Boundary Layer; Boundary Layer during the summer monsoon season; Vertical thermodynamic structure of the Boundary Layer; Bay of Bengal

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