Diagnostic study on the relation between ozone and potential vorticity



A diagnostic analysis of a Mediterranean system and the associated tropopause folding for the period 27 February to 10 March, 1987 is presented. Geopotential height, potential vorticity (PV) and relative humidity distributions were diagnosed. The analysis indicates clear correlation between the development of the cut-off low and the tropopause folding. A series of vertical cross-sections at the ends of the jet streaks demonstrated that a fold could be captured using potential vorticity and relative humidity. Q-vectors were employed to investigate vertical motion in the vicinity of the fold and showed the exact positions of descent corresponding to the fold along the entire length of the jet streak. The analysis also shows that the strong correlation between total ozone and column integrated potential vorticity holds well for all levels. As both quantities are integrals through the atmosphere this result is consistent with, but does not prove, a high independent linear dependence between ozone and PV . More case studies are needed to assure the high linear dependence between ozone and PV . The maximum transport of ozone from the stratosphere to the troposphere is coinciding with the maximum developing system, and also with the maximum values of PV .


Mediterranean; tropopause; ozone; potential vorticity

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