Studies regarding the quality of numerical weather forecasts of the WRF model integrated at high-resolutions for the Romanian territory

Amalia Iriza, Rodica C. Dumitrache, Aurelia Lupascu, Sabina Stefan


The aim of this paper is to evaluate the quality of high-resolution weather forecasts from the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) numerical weather prediction model. The lateral and boundary conditions were obtained from the numerical output of the Consortium for Small-scale Modeling (COSMO) model at 7 kmhorizontal resolution. The WRF model was run for January and July 2013 at two horizontal resolutions(3 and 1 km). The numerical forecasts of the WRF model were evaluated using different statistical scores for 2 m temperature and 10 m wind speed. Results showed a tendency of the WRF model to overestimate the values of the analyzed parameters in comparison to observations.


Numerical modeling; high resolution; forecast verification; statistical scores

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