Annual atmospheric corrosion rate and dose-response function for carbon steel in Bogotá

John Fredy Ríos Rojas, David Aperador Rodríguez, Edwin Arbey Hernández García, Carlos Enrique Arroyave Posada


This paper presents an assessment on the behavior of plain carbon steel exposure to the atmosphere of Bogotá. The main climate and environmental parameters, including relative humidity (RH), temperature (T), sulphur dioxide deposition (DSO2) and particulate matter deposition (DPM) were measured. Furthermore, mass loss of AISI/SAE 1006 plain carbon steel coupons was measured along one year. In this case, coupons were exposed in eight test sites located across the city of Bogotá. Results show that the corrosion rate of carbon steel is less than 35 μm yr–1 after one year. It was found that the west part of the city has the greatest aggressivity, which has the highest levels of DPM and DSO2,related with the characteristics of the anthropogenic activities distribution across the city. A dose-response function of plain carbon steel exposure to the atmosphere of Bogotá, based on RH, T and DSO2, was obtained.


Materials deterioration; particulate matter; pollutants; SO2

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