LIDAR ground-based velocity track display analyses and surface observations of a vortex shedding event observed at the Hong Kong International Airport on April 11, 2011

Pak Wai Chan


Vortex shedding occurs downstream of Lantau Island over the Hong Kong International Airport and can be hazardous to aircraft operating from that airport. An in-depth analysis of a vortex shedding structure is conducted using surface observations and Ground-Based Velocity Track Display (GBVTD) analysis of the Doppler Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data. This in-depth examination of the surface data indicates that brief wind anomalies were observed contemporaneously with the passage of the vortices. Winds simulated using an idealized vortex model constructed using LIDAR-estimated properties of each vortex fit reasonably well with the weather buoy wind and pressure observations. GBVTD retrievals indicate radial convergence and upward motion at most times throughout the lifecycle of the vortices. This paper aims to document the three-dimensional structure of such vortices shedded from the mountains, which may be useful for aviation safety involving wind shear detection, avoidance and recovery at airports with similar terrain features nearby.


Vortex shedding; LIDAR; GBVTD analysis

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