Ozone layer adaptive model from direct relationship between solar activity and total column ozone for the tropical equator-Andes-Colombian region

Julio César González-Navarrete, Julián Salamanca, Ingrid Mónica Pinzón-Verano


Due to the lack of models to predict the ozone layer even after an ample range of total column ozone (TCO) measurements around the globe, a direct relationship between solar activity by means of sunspot number observations and total ozone satellite data for a tropical Andes mountains region at Bogotá-Colombia, is presented. Sunspot number data and 37 years of TCO records from satellite missions Nimbus 7, Meteor 3, Earth Probe and AURA from January 1979 through August 2016, are analyzed. Ozone annual cyclic behavior, which strongly depends on the annual cyclic Sun-Earth distance variation, as well as the dynamics of the solar activity cycles allow to derive a physical-mathematical adaptive model for predicting and reconstructing daily stratospheric ozone over the city of Bogotá, very close to the equator. Results suggest that the ozone layer as a natural indicator of solar activity.


Solar activity; sun radiation; sunspots; ozone layer

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