Putting into action the REGCM4.6 regional climate model for the study of climate change, variability and modeling over Central America and Mexico

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Jorge A. Amador
Tercio Ambrizzi
Raymond W. Arritt
Christopher L. Castro
Tereza Cavazos
Ruth Cerezo-Mota
Ramón Fuentes-Franco
Filippo Giorgi
Graziano Guiliani
Huikyo Lee
Matías Méndez-Pérez
Erick R. Rivera


What: International experts and attendees from several countries of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean (CAM), and South America (SA) met to discuss regional issues on climate variability and climate change to learn the use of the non-hydrostatic version of the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) RegCM4.6 model, and to establish a regional modeling scientific community for understanding the physics of climate processes and the generation of regional climate change scenarios.

When: 14-18 November 2016.

Where: Center for Geophysical Research (CIGEFI in Spanish) and School of Physics, University of Costa Rica (UCR), San José, Costa Rica.


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