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Analysis of a severe air pollution episode in India during Diwali festival – a nationwide approach

Nandita D. Ganguly, Chris G. Tzanis, Kostas Philippopoulos, Despina Deligiorgi


Air pollution events have been a subject of major concern worldwide in recent years, since their frequency and intensity is increasing with time. An alarmingly high air pollution episode was observed in some parts of India during late October to the end of November in the year 2016. The Air Quality Index was observed to vary from poor to severe in northern and western parts of India, while it was satisfactory to moderate in the east and south of the country. The causes of this observed high pollution episode are examined in this paper. Apart from the Diwali effect on air pollution the study findings indicated the importance of biomass burning over India. 


Air pollution; transport; fireworks; biomass burning; Diwali

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