The role of the coastal oceans on the seasonal mean air temperature in Argentina (edited by Dr. Christian Appendini)

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Paula Carolina Oliveri
Marcela Hebe González


This work aimed to detect the influence of the sea surface temperature (SST) of coastal Atlantic and Pacific oceans on the seasonal mean air temperature in Argentina. The study region was delimited by 30-90º W and 20-60º S. Patterns of interannual variability of seasonal (summer and winter) SST were obtained through principal component analysis (PCA) in the T-mode. Linear correlations between time series derived from this method and the simultaneous mean air temperature series from weather stations were performed. Some of the variability modes obtained showed a relationship with mean air temperature over a large portion of Argentina. Lagged-by-one-season correlations were also made to assess the predictability of the mean temperature employing these modes. Results showed a reasonable degree of predictability in spring temperatures using winter SST variability modes, but for autumn temperatures no relationship was found.


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