Photochemical assessment monitoring stations program adapted for ozone precursors monitoring network in Mexico City

Mónica del Carmen Jaimes Palomera, Humberto Bravo Álvarez, Rodolfo Sosa Echeverria, Elías Granados Hernández, Pablo Sánchez Álvarez, Rafael Ramos Villegas


The purpose of this study is to select a number of stations from the existing Sistema de Monitoreo Atmosférico (Atmospheric Monitoring System, SIMAT) of Mexico City to serve as an equivalent to the Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations according to the US-EPA criteria, in order to improve the study of urban ozone occurrence. The results indicate that four existing SIMAT stations meet the criteria to form such network. The relevance of this study is to present an ozone precursors monitoring network with continuous measurements for future trustful studies on air quality for ozone, considering the atmospheric chemistry and photochemical modeling for the design control strategies appropriate for the particular conditions of Mexico City.


Photochemical assessment monitoring stations; ozone precursors; Mexico City; monitoring network

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