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Atmosfera is an international, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly from 1988 to 2022. As of 2023, the manuscripts are published according to the continuous publication model. This journal is devoted to original research in the atmospheric sciences, climate change, interactions with the hydrosphere, cryosphere, biosphere and human systems. 

It is published by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, through the Instituto de Ciencias de la Atmósfera y Cambio Climático.

All papers published are Open Access for readers and there are no publication fees for authors.  The journal is indexed in Scopus, SCimago, Science Citation Index, LatinIndex, SciELO, among other databases. It has continuously increased its visibility and impact, with an Impact Factor of 1.4 (2023), as determined by the Journal Citation Report (Clarivate/ Web of Science).

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Vol. 38 (2024)

Published: 2023-08-01

Enhancing geostatistical precipitation estimations for the Santiago River basin, Mexico

José Roberto Ávila-Carrasco, Hugo Enrique Júnez-Ferreira, Graciela del Socorro Herrera


An Index for Predicting Precipitation in the North Coast of Peru Using Logistic Regression

Piero Rodrigo Rivas Quispe, Alex Anderson-Frey, Lynn A. McMurdie


Maximum daily precipitation in Iran (1979-2018)

Roya Poorkarim, Hossei Asakereh, Javier Martín-Vide


Orinoco revisited: Comprehensive analysis of the Orinoco River basin present and future hydroclimate

Alejandro Builes-Jaramillo, Hernán D. Salas, Juliana Valencia, Carolina Florian


Assessment of organic contaminants at a paint manufacturing site: Implications for health risks and source identification

Sidali Khedidji, Catia Balducci, Lyes Rabhi, Angelo Cecinato , Riad Ladji, Noureddine Yassaa


The effects of climate warming on large-scale atmospheric systems of the Northern Hemisphere

Zahra Mahavarpour, Javad Khoshhal Dastjerdi, Seyed Abolfazl Masoodian, Mohammad Ali Nasresfahani


Simulation and synoptic investigation of a severe dust storm originated from the Urmia Lake in the Middle East

Nasim Hossein Hamzeh, Abbas Ranjbar Saadat Abadi, Karim Abdukhakimovich Shukurov, Alaa Mhawish, Khan Alam, Christian Opp


Comparison of different drought monitoring indices in different climatic conditions in Iran

Samira Rahnama, Al Shahidi, Mostaf Yaghoobzadeh, Ali Akba Mehran


Observed interannual variability and projected scenarios of drought in the Chorotega region, Costa Rica

Melissa Ríos-Solano, A. M. Durán-Quesada, C. Birkel, H. G. Hidalgo, W. Cabos, D.V. Sein


Small-scale variation of atmospheric dynamics applying chaos theory, case study

Arquímides Haro Velasteguí, Jorge Lara Sinaluisa, Nelly Perugachi Cahueñas, Juan Martínez Nogales


Studies on airborne microbiota in Mexico, a review

Óscar Omar Álvarez-Rivera, Hécto Estrada-Medina, Miriam Monserrat Ferrer, Aileen O’connor-Sánchez


Comparison of COSMO and ICON-LAM high-resolution numerical forecast for Romanian territory: Case studies and evaluation

Amalia Iriza-Burca, Rodica C. Dumitrache, Bogdan A. Maco, Mihăiţă Huştiu, Felix Fundel, Daniel Rieger, Roland Potthast


Carbonaceous particles and PM2.5 optical properties in Mexico City during the ACU15 campaign

Naxieli Santiago-de la Rosa, Cristina Prieto, Ruben Pavia, Oscar Peralta, Harry Alvarez-Ospina, Isabel Saavedra, Telma Castro, Rocío García, María de la Luz Espinosa, Abraham Ortinez-Alvarez, Gerardo Ruíz-Suárez, Amparo Martínez-Arroyo


Solar PV technologies selection for the design of photovoltaic installations in Mexico based on the analysis of meteorological satellite data from the region

Ricardo Miranda-Jiménez, Osvaldo Vigil-Galán, Jesús Roberto González-Castillo, Ángel Refugio Terán-Cuevas, María Eugenia Gutiérrez-Castillo, Luis Raúl Tovar-Gálvez


Variability, cycles, and trends of mean air temperature north of Colombia

Andrea Patricia Manrique-Cantillo, Enrique de Jesús Morales-Acuña, Jean Rogelio Linero-Cueto


Exploring the academic perceptions of climate engineering in developing countries

Athar Hussain, Hassaan F. K. Sipra, Abdul Waheed, Kingsley E. Ukhurebor


Using a hybrid approach for wind power forecasting in Northwestern Mexico

Yanet Diaz-Esteban, Carlos Alberto López-Villalobos, Carlos Abraham Ochoa Moya, Rosario Romero-Centeno, Ignacio Arturo Quintanar


Atlantic and Pacific sea surface temperature correlations with precipitation over northern Mexico

Regina Mijares-Fajardo, René Lobato-Sánchez, Carlos Patiño-Gómez, David Eduardo Guevara-Polo


Urban atmospheric humidity excesses and deficits in two Mexican metropolises: Guadalajara and Puebla

Adalberto Tejeda-Martínez, Gabriel Balderas, Luz Moreyra, Omar Castro


Satellite data geoprocessing to estimate PM2.5 over the Megalopolis of Central Mexico

Marco Antonio Mora-Ramírez, Edgar Martínez-Luna, Xochitl Cruz-Núñez


Evaluation of the SACZ index as a prognostic tool based on GFS forecasts

Louise da Fonseca Aguiar, Marcio Cataldi, Edilson Marton, Eric Miguel Ribeiro, Priscila da Cunha Luz


Dense fog simulation in southern Brazil using the WRF model with high spatial resolution

Judith Rodrigues Cardoso, Edilson Marton, Flávia Rodrigues Pinheiro, William Cossich, Nilton Oliveira Moraes


Drought Potential in Borneo Based on the RCP 4.5 Scenario

Amalia Nurlatifah, Fildzah Adany, Aulia Darojatun, Bambang Siswanto, Sinta Berliana Sipayung


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